What is Data Cleansing?

Prior to cleansing the data one needs to understand the data and its quality level. This is usually achieved by a previous data profiling exercise.

Data cleansing is the process of correcting corrupt or inaccurate data records. It also includes data harmonization and standardization or even data enrichment. The clean data will then be re-imported into the original source system or, in case of preparation for data migration, into the new target system.

Data Cleansing Sample


Separate street from house number (Source: Altova Mapforce screenshot)

The picture on the left shows the data cleansing task of separating street name from house number.

Depending on your IT security settings, data cleansing can be done by “reading – cleaning – and writing” directly into your application database. In case this is not possible, a flat file data extract also will do. The cleaned file then can be uploaded into your application using the embedded mass update functionalilty, such as SAP´s LSMW.

Our Contribution

Holistic Analytics has extensive experience in data cleansing or even data enrichment. Especially for adress cleansing, we can count on our good relationships with specialised firms using post adress databases worldwide.

Given that we have to address all 8 data quality dimensions it becomes a complex task that will require a good involvement of your business staff to satisfy their needs.